Why Use Strong Bond?

The name Strong Bond has several meanings to us.

Meaning 1

It refers to the “Bond” that is created between our product and your floor. By doing proper, non-rushed, preparation, using quality equipment, we are able to ensure that our product bonds with the concrete and provides you with a floor that will last….and is guaranteed.

Meaning 2

 It refers to the “Bond” we like to create with every customer. We strongly believe in doing quality work and will not sacrifice this. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us. We have established “SBS” Strong Bond Standards in our business and have a very dedicated team of employees.

Meaning 3

 It refers to the “Bond” between the owners of the business. Matt and Mike have been friends for many years and are both extremely dedicated to the success of Strong Bond. Each of them works hands on in the business. When you call Strong Bond chances are Mike or Matt will answer the phone.

Michael Barnett

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Matthew Steeves

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