What Floor Coating Do I Want?

We spend a lot of time answering client’s question and helping to educate on the difference between Epoxy, Polyaspartic, Do It Yourself kits and Paint for their garage floor.

You have many choices when it comes to a coating for your garage floor. Much like the car in your garage comes with many choices of brand, quality, colour and price range, there are also many options when it comes to your floor coating.

At the basic end you have floor paint.

  • Easy to install
  • Low cost
  • Short life, will need to re coat every year or two

Second you have the DIY, Do It Yourself kit from the hardware store.

  • Not overly difficult to install but can go wrong
  • Medium cost around $500-$600
  • Does not prepare floor properly to accept coating and no bond is formed
  • Medium life, many of these fail in the tire lanes in 2-3 years

Polyaspartic on Polyaspartic “One Day Install” offered by some installers

  • We refer to this as the “get in and get out” quick install that only benefits the installer
  • Base product is Polyaspartic which does not provide the mechanical bond that Epoxy does
  • Polyaspartic was originally designed as a top coat
  • Does provide quick drying time, but faster is not better

Epoxy base and Polyaspartic topcoat

  • This is the proven industry standard for many years
  • Proper preparation of concrete floor
  • Epoxy creates mechanical bond with concrete
  • Polyaspartic is applied as second coat and bonds with Epoxy to create flexible, UV resistant quality coating
  • Very similar price to the One-day system

As we have highlighted in our “one day versus two day install” blog we have a firm opinion on what is the best and most durable coating for your garage floor. Strong Bond offers three Epoxy Garage Floor programs, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Our packages are designed with an Epoxy base coat, or in some cases a primer coat may be required for even more strength or protection.

It has been our experience that some installers/contractors in this industry and more concerned about making a dollar and not what is best for the client. At Strong Bond pride ourselves on “Epoxy Floors Done RIGHT!”

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