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Answers to our most frequently asked questions.

How Much Does A Strong Bond Floor Cost? A Strong Bond Certified Floor costs less than most [...]

A quality floor... is worth waiting for A Strong Bond Floor is a quality floor! Quality You [...]

What Floor Coating Do I Want? We spend a lot of time answering client’s question and helping to [...]

We also see a definite trend with these kits where people have purchased them installed them and they begin to fail within six months to one year.

73% of concrete floors fail because of poor surface preparation. This graphic shows the reasons that cause epoxy floor coatings to fail.

A 1-day install may be enticing but we believe a fast cure is not the best cure!

What's the Cost of a Strong Bond Certified Floor? This is a question we get every day. [...]

How much per square foot to coat my garage? Get A Free Estimate The truth is the [...]

Ten things you should ask your epoxy floor contractor

Cleaning your Strong Bond Residential Garage Floor We want you to enjoy your SB Certified Floor for [...]

Epoxy and Polyaspartic residential garage floors generally come with a warranty, just like most large purchases do.

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