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Epoxy floors have become very popular in recent years. Strong Bond offers the highest quality epoxy flooring solutions for your garage, house, shop, basement, or business in Atlantic Canada.
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Package Details


Package Details

Strong Bond will provide you with a professional and honest proposal and options for you. Our team of employees use only the highest quality products and equipment and are trained and certified in what they do.

You will see our offerings of epoxy for your residential project. Our most popular are our Silver, Gold or Platinum packages for residential garages. You will also see our 100% solid colour epoxy, as well as our weather resistant exterior coatings for patios, pools and porches.

You may find it interesting that we don’t start with Bronze, it’s not a marketing gimmick. When we first started offering quality residential epoxy floors, we discovered that what many other companies offered was below what we wanted to offer our customers, so we start with a silver system. [ Compare Our Packages ]


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Why Use Epoxy Flooring?

Debris and harmful substances penetrate concrete pores. This can cause damage to the underlying structural integrity of the concrete slab.

Unprotected concrete surfaces will inevitably lead to surface cracks, undermining and pitting that will only get worse over time.

Strong Bond creates a strong seamless floor that seals the pores, keeping the concrete surface clean and moisture free.

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