Gold Stars

Gold Garage Floor Epoxy Package


  • Diamond grind to required csp rating
  • Compound repair of cracks or spalling
  • Apply primer coat to concrete at 4 mils
  • Allow enough curing time (4 hrs minimum)
  • Apply epoxy basecoat at 10 to 12 mils
  • Broadcast vinyl flakes to rejection
  • Allow minimum 12 hours curing
  • Inspect and prepare floor for topcoat
  • Apply topcoat of polyaspartic at 12 mils
Gold Diagram

Our Gold Package is our second most popular residential epoxy garage floor package. It builds on the Silver package by applying an extra level of protection in a primer coat being applied on the concrete and before the Epoxy base coat.

The primer coat can be like an insurance policy against contaminants that may be embedded deep in your concrete, or concrete that may benefit from an extra layer of protection.

This package may take up to one more day to install, depending on preparation and curing time.

This floor includes our 5-year SB Adhesion Warranty.

Silver Package
Platinum Package

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