Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete is becoming extremely popular for commercial properties. It offers a long term, low cost and low maintenance, environmentally responsible option for your facility’s concrete floors.

Looking for a green way to transform your workspace, be it a warehouse, showroom, restaurant, mechanical shop, auto dealership, or basically any space you can dream of? Look no more. With a Strong Bond polished concrete floor, not only are you doing the environment a favour, but you may also be helping your bottom line.

Easy to clean, no more dust, no more expensive stripping and waxing janitorial costs. The long-term cost of a polished floor will save you money while providing a healthier and environmentally responsible building for customers and employees. You may even see reduced energy costs due to improved light reflectivity.

The options for polishing are virtually endless. We can add colour, logos, signs, patterns and more. Give us a call today to discuss how we can make your polished floor a reality.

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Concrete Polishing Solutions

There are many customizable options for your polished floor with respect to dyes, colours, signage/logo, patterns, etc.

We can also help you with your maintenance program to ensure your polished concrete looks great for years to come.

When you think polished concrete…..think Strong Bond!


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