10 Questions to ask your contractor

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Do you have Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Coverage?

If a contractor cannot provide a certificate of these coverages you, as the homeowner, can potentially be liable if injury or damage happen on your property.

Do you have references?

Can you provide local references of similar size jobs to mine?
Can you show me any photos or video?

Who is the owner?

Are you dealing with the owner? Is the owner active in the business?

How long have you been in the business?

It is important to know that you have an experienced, and solid, contractor working for you.

Who will be working on my job and how have they been trained?

It is critical that the installers employees be trained and up-to-date on all technologies.

What is your detailed price?

Do you provide me a clearly detailed quote outlining your services?

Do you offer financing?

A stable and successful company will offer 3rd party financing options.

How long does the process take?

Ask for clear details on how long the process will take.
(See our “One day versus two day Install” brochure for more information).

How do I know my floor is properly prepared?

A trained contractor can ensure the floor achieves a proper CSP rating, which is the industry standard for coatings. Different hardness levels of concrete require different grinding tools. 73% of coatings fail due to improper preparation/bond.


Can you explain your warranty and give an example of how you handled a warranty claim? Have you installed floors that have reached your warranty period? How is the warranty length established?

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